Unsocial and infantile autism formed by strict mum

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Unsocial and infantile autism formed by strict mum

Post  Scat on Sat May 22, 2010 10:40 pm

Source:chinese news network & sina.com

On 21st, May, Jay sighed with feeling in a program that not only in school but at home , he always supervised by teachers. Because both his parents are teachers. “It’s really poor to be teachers’ child, I grown up in teachers’ family which makes me weird.” He even gossip his mum, ”Teachers are strict, my mum looks kind and low-key before the medias, actually, she was strict in the past.”

Parents don’t push children to finish themselves dreams

It’s no doubt the talent of music and the skill of magic of Jay. After he appeared in kind of chat shows, audiences find more about his humor and conversational. He said lots of mum push children to finish themselves undone dreams.”Don’t do that, it’s rough for kids.”

He said that when he learnt piano, his mum hold a stick in front of him. After 5,6 years, I told her that I don't want to learn it anymore! She raged and struck. I felt aggrieved. She is a teacher with serious personality. She was tired in standing and holding a stick, she just cared about me. But she was really tough. Grown up in teachers' family, I am a little bit weird, unsocial and infantile autism. I am the only child of family, I only could talk with piano.


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